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the milk purity club's Journal

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7th March 2005

charmedquark4:14pm: goodness we haven't written in here in awhile.
kat, i am going to attempt to make up a fake email and get you a u of m facebook account. but i will also need a "contact" email for them to send the confirmation email to. soooo please IM or email me (kkimm@umich.edu) what your email is.
k bye.

22nd April 2003

triggerhappykat12:08pm: so i was talking to niles yesterday, and he said the eagle summit had passed from this world.


8th April 2003

charmedquark12:05pm: poor niles. i feel bad for him, with all his beth troubles. i think she is just jerking him around. he deserves better.

in other news, he has been talking to me with a british accent lately.

28th November 2002

triggerhappykat3:42pm: in honor of the fact that turkey has no lactose...

a niles thanksgiving quote:

"i'm thankful for rain" - n. harding, 2001

and i'm thankful for lactaid ultra. thank you, jeebus.

26th November 2002

charmedquark2:00am: katsbeautifullie (1:55:16 AM): too early for scene work
slinkster fairie (1:55:33 AM): yes
slinkster fairie (1:55:37 AM): too late to be awake
katsbeautifullie (1:55:40 AM): yes
katsbeautifullie (1:55:46 AM): i'm done w/playwriting stuff for now
slinkster fairie (1:55:47 AM): chem sucks my left night. scene work can suck my right.
slinkster fairie (1:55:52 AM): nut
slinkster fairie (1:55:54 AM): not night
katsbeautifullie (1:55:55 AM): hahaha
katsbeautifullie (1:56:06 AM): i wanna suck your night all nut long baby
slinkster fairie (1:56:26 AM): hehehe
slinkster fairie (1:56:30 AM): wow that's great
katsbeautifullie (1:56:36 AM): did you see the quote in my profile?
katsbeautifullie (1:56:42 AM): it's from when i visited you :-)
slinkster fairie (1:56:51 AM): eeeeeeeeeee
slinkster fairie (1:56:55 AM): yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
slinkster fairie (1:57:04 AM): kaaaaaaaaat i looooove yooooouu.. watch me fleeeeeeeeeeex
katsbeautifullie (1:57:09 AM): eeeeeeeeeeeee
katsbeautifullie (1:57:12 AM): nuuuuuut
katsbeautifullie (1:57:14 AM): hahahahaha
slinkster fairie (1:57:15 AM): HAHAHA

katsbeautifullie (1:57:16 AM): oh my my
katsbeautifullie (1:57:26 AM): nuuuuuuut.....nuuuuuuuuuut
katsbeautifullie (1:57:54 AM): eeeeeee suck my nite all nut long beeeeth....BEEEETH....
slinkster fairie (1:58:02 AM):
slinkster fairie (1:58:06 AM): wow i put a line it
slinkster fairie (1:58:09 AM): in
slinkster fairie (1:58:13 AM): i dont know how i did that!!!
katsbeautifullie (1:58:21 AM): completly changing the pronunciation of "beth" so it resembeles "beef"
slinkster fairie (1:58:27 AM):
katsbeautifullie (1:58:28 AM): ctrl h
slinkster fairie (1:58:30 AM): OOH
slinkster fairie (1:58:36 AM): BEEEEEEEEEF
katsbeautifullie (1:58:39 AM): beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef
slinkster fairie (1:58:40 AM): beefy beth?
katsbeautifullie (1:58:41 AM): EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
katsbeautifullie (1:58:43 AM): hahahahah
slinkster fairie (1:58:54 AM): EEEEEEEE eat my BEEF, beth!
katsbeautifullie (1:58:57 AM): i was thin king today, "damn. i want to make out with niles"
katsbeautifullie (1:59:04 AM): then i THOUGHT.

13th November 2002

charmedquark5:01pm: the soft-serve machine is the south quad caf is too much to resist...

30th September 2002

charmedquark12:22pm: eeee i miss kaaaaaat...

10th September 2002

charmedquark10:20pm: eeeeeee my name is niles and i live on the first floor of south quad...

he materializes. all the time. he is not there and suddenly he is standing right next to you. eee.
fear meeeeeee.
Current Mood: nilesesque

8th August 2002

charmedquark5:26pm: eeeeeeee
coffeeworks carries sorbet again...YAY!
icy treats without upset tummy makes me happy.

**niles update! he was spotted at U of M orientation july 31st by sowmya. a trip to the walgreen's photo counter is in order.

4th August 2002

charmedquark10:47am: eeeee i updated user info and bio..


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